Whale watching from the treadmill

The view from the treadmill – looks better when you’re on it!

Most research vessels have small gyms where people onboard can get a little exercise while at sea.  A nice thing about the gym on the R/V Langseth is that it is well above the water line and has some windows, so you can look out at the sea while you log some miles on the treadmill or elliptical.  To maximize social distancing, the stationary bike and weights have been moved out of the gym and into clear plastic enclosures built on the deck, so good views can now be had while cycling and pumping iron, too.

On Wednesday, I went for my first treadmill run. While trotting along – and trying not to fall off the treadmill as the boat pitched in response to broad, gentle swells – I saw a whale blow in the distance!  We’ve been treated to regular whale sightings on our trip west.

Whale blow captured by Protected Species Observer team on Thursday evening.
Hannah Mark (Washington University) pedals and looks out at the ocean.

Donna Shillington, NAU

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